The Bellini Cocktail

The Bellini cocktail was created in Venice during the late 1930's-early 1940's by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the famous historic Harry's Bar just beyond St. Marks Square on the Grand Canal. The slight pink color reminded Giuseppe of a Saint's toga from a 15th century painting by Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini - thus, we have the BELLINI!

Made with sparkling Prosecco and fresh Peach Nectar, the Bellini is a favorite "any time" cocktail that can be enjoyed year round with everything from Brunch to Apperitivo. It is festive and refreshing, likable by all, and the perfect drink to serve at your special celebrations of Bridal Showers, House Warmings, Holiday Gatherings, etc.!

We are proud to have as one of our feature fine gourmet products, the original and authentic Cipriani Bellini mix here at Bottega Bellini...after all, it is in our name!


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